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The Market Is So Hot Right Now I Can Sell Myself, Right?

These days, we're seeing this pop back up. It's true, multiple offers are everywhere; just last week I won two for clients. But, selling your home without professional guidance can leave you open to liability, and you'll likely make less money. Seriously.

Finding a buyer or finding a house for one of my buyers is only a very small fraction of what I do as a professional real estate Broker. The vast majority of my job is more like a Project Manager and involves sheperding the deal from contract to close along with all the people & contract timelines involved (buyer, seller, lender, etc). Things come up. For example: Title issues, did a debt of someone with the same name as you get attached to the title of YOUR house? It happens. Who will take care of filing all the proper documents and assure that title transfers to the buyer and you're no longer legally liable for the property? Who will coordinate the appropriate deadlines with the Buyer's lender?

Then there's the money question - some homeowners think they can get more money by selling it themselves. Not true, not even close to true.

Consider this quote and excerpt from an article on For Sale by

Most buyers expect a house that is for-sale-by-owner to be cheaper than a house being sold by realtors, John Viteritti said.

“According to the NAR, those sales that are negotiated through a real estate broker sell for 16 percent more than if the owner sells themselves. So, even when you consider you’re saving the six percent broker’s fee you’re still losing 10 percent,” he said.

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