With Greenlake park just a stones throw away, the Greenlake neighborhood attracts outdoor enthusiasts, animal lovers, families, and singles. The neighborhood is quietly set a block away from the bustle of the lake where vintage craftsmen style homes line the streets. This is a very sought after neighborhood located a reasonable distance from downtown that offers many of the perks of a suburban neighborhood.

Activities to Try:

Greenlake: A small lake open in the summer for swimming and year round for rollerbladers, bikers, joggers, and walkers. There are also a plethora of sports courts for private and club use.
The Little Red Hen: Live country music 7 nights a week, and line dancing or country dancing on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Monday’s .
Woodland Park Zoo: Less than five minutes drive from Greenlake you can find lions, tigers, and bears! In the summer enjoy the live concert season.

A Quick Taste:

Greenlake Bar and Grill: A perfect spot for the whole family with great food.
Zoey’s Yogurt: The frozen yogurt boom did not miss Greenlake! Pop in for soft-serve yogurt and your choice of toppings.
Spud’s Fish n’ Chips: The sister location of Spud’s Fish n’ Chips on Alki this place boasts some of the best Fish n’ Chips in town.

The People*:

28.2% single family homes, 9.3% condos, 62.5% other
Median household income: $55,194. Compared to Seattle’s: $45,736.
Median Age: 37


Seattle Public Schools
8 High Schools
2 Middle School
27 Elementary Schools

What Makes Greenlake Unique:

Greenlake! I can’t say it enough. This is a destination for everyone in the surrounding area. Teams will play games on the courts/fields, friends will grab a bite and picnic here, and dogs are more than welcome. Come winter and fall, this place doesn’t slow down!