To provide the most amazing client experience while helping buyers find homes in neighborhoods they love; and achieving the maximum value for sellers.


Exact Home Team Loyalty Programs



Anniversary Packet

Every year, we send you a packet of information including the probable current market value of your home. Then, we follow it up with a conversation for you to ask any questions you may have about the current real estate market. Of course, we are happy to update these values at any point in the year; just give us a call! Also, if you know anyone else that would benefit from this service, please let us know!



Communication Promise

Sandy/team will communicate via email, phone or text each week while in the process of either buying or selling a home. Communications can can be as simple as texts about process, updates to website visits or formal updates.



Homeowners Club Membership

Don’t know who to call for odd jobs around the house or major projects? We will pay for your first year of membership in this contractor referral service; just let us know! You'll gain access to nearly 200 carefully screened contractors who can help with virtually any upkeep, repair or remodeling need. One call to the Club is all it takes to find contractors who perform quality work at competitive rates — whether it's a small repair job, ongoing maintenance, a major project or an unexpected emergency.



Referral Reward Program

We are 100% by referral, so we need your help! If you know anyone thinking of moving, that we can take great care of, let us know. Refer Sandy/team to all of your friends, family and co-workers. For every time you refer us, you receive a thank-you gift card!



Sell/Buy Program (You get $ back) multiple transaction discount

When listing and selling your home with Sandy; work with her to buy your next home as well and receive an Escrow credit as a thank you for the multiple transactions.



The two transactions must close within the same calendar year. Receive 10% of the broker commission on the lesser value home, credited in the second/later transaction.

Example: If your existing home sells for $600,000; Sandy will credit you 10% against the broker commission, at escrow, in the next transaction when it closes.($600,000 x 3% commission x 10% = $1,800 credit